Family Holiday To Taiwan

I admit - one of the reasons we chose to bring the family to Taiwan was to demonstrate to the boys the benefits of being able to speak in Mandarin. I recall leading up to the holiday, I told the boys to brush up on their Mandarin because all the road signs will be in Mandarin and the people we meet on the street will speak to them in Mandarin. They did not believe me because they could not imagine a world where everyone spoke only in Mandarin. No. 1 switched the language of his cartoons (on Netflix) to Mandarin!

Touched down!

Touched down!

I was tasked to write up the itinerary because I have been to Taipei and Taichung before. Honestly, my itinerary was pretty rudimentary; this trip was made easy and fuss-free because we had an amazing driver / tour-guide - Lin Shi Fu. A good friend recommended him to us and I was so thankful we engaged him.

We were all able to fit into his vehicle and he worked off my schedule, added and tweaked it according to the weather forecast for the day. We were well-taken care of and I would recommend him to anyone who travels into Taiwan.

My parents joined us on this trip. We love to travel with family because the boys get a chance to really bond and form long-lasting memories with them. It was a joy to listen in on their conversations - my parents passing down nuggets of wisdom and the boys sharing jokes in return.

Here are some of my favourite pictures and the places we visited…

When you visit Taiwan you have to indulge in their street food. We visited Raohe Night Market and Lin Shi Fu brought us to one of his favourite Mian Xian shops.

We took a drive out to Yi Lan and made a day of it. The highlight was making crayons and markers at the Lucky Art Crayon Factory. We all had fun (yes even the adults!) getting hands on and crafty.

The top of my checklist was to release lanterns at Ping Xi. The girls and I went to Shi Fen eight years ago and we released a lantern; I wanted the boys to try it too. We went on to Jiu Fen - another famous night market in Taipei.

Sun Moon Lake was my parent’s favourite part of the trip - beautiful views from our hotel, a lovely cycle around the lake and just relaxing.

My favourite building - Xiang Shan Visitor Centre by Norihiko Dan & Associates

My favourite building - Xiang Shan Visitor Centre by Norihiko Dan & Associates

Our last leg was Taichung - I included Taichung because I wanted our helper to meet up with her son who worked there. We love our families and we never want to be apart from them; similarly we have helpers who live in our houses and help us so that we can do the things we desire. They too do not want to be apart from their family but their circumstances force them to be. It was our shared joy to enable and see them reunite - even for a few days.

It was a wonderful holiday filled with new experiences, reliving old experiences and plenty of family love all around. I couldn’t be happier.