My Journey To Getting Certified

Truth be told, this has been a long journey for me...

I love Pilates. Since I started practicing it has improved my posture, strengthened my core and made me more aware of the way I moved. The Pilates Studio is my happy place where I can spend an hour focusing my mind on movement and building strength. 

I decided to take the course to getting myself Balanced Body Certified as a Pilates Mat Instructor in November 2016. I wanted to learn more about the principles behind Pilates, improve my personal practice and equip myself with the skill to teach. Beyond the theory, I had to fulfil hours in personal practice, observation of other instructors and teach as well. 

Starting position to Rocking.

Starting position to Rocking.

Pilates is exacting and requires precision in execution of a move. As an Instructor, you need to know the move intimately and be able to communicate its intricacies to your client. The end goal is to get the client to move in an efficient manner, achieving the principles behind the exercise. 

What I found most difficult, was to spot the misalignment in the client's body and to correct it. I believe this is a skill that can only be built with continual self-practice and teaching others. I am so thankful for friends who availed time to let me work with them and practice my teaching. 

In the pursuit of passion, you will have moments of bubbling optimism and times of doubt, discouragement and defeat. I have not reached the mark of obtaining my certification but I will not cease; I will continue to do what it takes to get to that end point. And in the world of Pilates, that end point only marks the beginning of a lifelong journey of learning and growing your competency as an instructor. 

Cheer me on!