A Letter To My Dad

This is a letter to my Dad...

On this Father's Day, I want to let my Dad know the depth of my respect and love for him ... in words. 

My Dad and Mom. 

My Dad and Mom. 

My Dad is not a perfect Father but there is no doubt in my mind he loves his family with great sincerity and passion. 

Daddy, you are a man blessed with a love for learning and a keen imagination. Coupled with your disciplined and structured approach to life, in my mind (as a young child) I felt you were an indomitable force. Oftentimes as a young girl, I sat at your work desk and looked through your timetable - admiring the cursive writing with occasional blotches from your fountain ink pen. You had a detailed plan from Mondays to Sundays; morning till nighttime. 

We did not have many opportunities for deep conversation when I was growing up because you were always working. I sensed your weariness and felt the burdens you carried on your shoulders despite your absence at home and on our weekend outings. I knew you worked hard for us; I knew you sacrificed your own dreams and passions for us. 

Thank you for teaching and showing me what a strong work ethic looked like. 

Thank you for always being generous with us, even when we had little. 

Thank you for loving your Grandchildren so deeply. I know you are loving us (your daughters) when you show our children affection and care. Thank you for prioritising time for them and helping us when we needed it; offering even when not asked. 

Christopher and Timothy adore you as their Gong Gong, not because you shower them with an endless supply of gifts and surprises. They love you because you spend time teaching them new things, playing LEGO and listening to them. 

I am thankful we will have eternity together as a family after this life. 

I love you Daddy.